Web-Based Training for Paraeducators

Welcome to the Paraeducator Self Study Program

A paraeducator is an individual employed to perform instructional and related non-instructional duties in school settings under the direction of a certificated teacher or administrator. Other terms used for the position of paraeducator include paraprofessional, teaching assistant, and instructional aide. Early Childhood Paraeducators are used at age levels (birth to 5) and work with students either indirectly, on a one-to-one basis, or in small and large groups.

The Paraeducator Self Study Program is a web-based method for school districts to provide introductory training for their paraeducators. It contains several units pertaining to paraeducators' roles and responsibilities, and core knowledge and skills in reinforcing instruction. It is intended to be supplemental to the training provided by school districts, and assists schools in meeting the paraeducator training requirements of No Child Left Behind, the Nebraska Rule 11, and IDEA.